Indoor Swimming Pool, Sauna and Steam Room

The most popular facility at Wallops Wood is our beautiful indoor and heated swimming pool, a mile away at our Wallops Wood Cottages site.

For the foreseeable future, each individual house gets their own daily swim session. This means you and your family have sole use of the pool for 45 minutes each day. Having sole use of the pool is a very special experience and our guests love it!

Book your swim session when the pool is open: between 9am and 8pm. Adults only can swim from 8-9 am.

Timetables are in the swimming pool lobby to book your 45 minute swim slot.

Please use the shower in the pool area to rinse yourself before and after swimming.

And please bring your own pool towel – our towels are for bathroom use only.

Important Warnings for Sauna and Steam Room

Do not use the sauna if you are under the influence of alcohol or have just eaten a heavy meal. Do not use the sauna without prior medical advice if any of the following are applicable to you:

  • Elderly, pregnancy, heart disease, skin disorder that is aggravated by heat, any other complaint or condition which you are unsure about taking a sauna, heart or blood pressure disorders, diabetic or suffer from excess fluid retention
  • Remove all jewellery and metal objects from your body as this will heat up quickly and could burn you

About the Swimming Pool

Our 13 x 6 metre accessible swimming pool has an integrated jacuzzi, is 1.45 metres deep and is heated to a lovely 30°. Perfect for both exercise and play!

We deliberately avoid using harmful chemicals in our beautiful indoor heated swimming pool. Instead, the water is UV filtered and not chlorinated. It’s completely safe, doesn’t damage skin nor irritate eyes and is environmentally friendly.

The pool and jacuzzi are level decked, the water being level with the surrounding poolside. Both have disabled access via a hoist and there are 9 gentle steps with a handrail leading into the swimming pool. For accessible guests, the temperature of the pool can be increased by a couple of degrees (must to be pre-booked).

Underfloor heating surrounds the perimeter of the pool and in the changing rooms which will keep your toes warm. An acoustic ceiling offers a sound-proofed environment.

You may see Tommy, the Robot, doing some cleaning. He is our pool robot. Just ignore him, you can still enjoy swimming whilst he’s working!


Our infrared sauna is a great way to relax after your swim and is available to use during your 45 minute swim slot.

An infrared sauna passes rays through the air to directly stimulate the body. For most people the effect is to start sweating, skin pores open, superficial blood vessels dilate so the blood begins to circulate more quickly, and breathing and heart rates increase.

We do ask our guests to take precautions before use; to read the guidelines and instructions as to how to use the sauna. These can be found in our Terms and Conditions document, and on the wall outside the sauna room.

Steam Room

Included in your daily bookable 45 minute swim session is access to the steam soom.

Benefits of using a steam room are thought to include improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, stress reduction, better skin health, easing of stiff joints, and a boost to the immune system.

Please be aware that the steam outlet will be hot. Read the precautions before use, and follow the guidelines and instructions on the wall outside the steam room.

Relax and enjoy!